Ekaterinburg modern choreography theatre
• Established in 1990, the Provincial Dances Theatre is one of the first contemporary dance theaters in Russia.

• Since its inception, the Provincial Dances Theatre has toured 55 cities in  20 countries, as well as 34 cities within Russia.

• Twelve productions were nominated for the most prestigious Russian National Theatre Award, the Golden Mask: A Man Waiting, Les Noces, Maple Garden, A Quiet Life with Herrings, Wings at Tea, Lazy Susan, Post-Engagement. Diptych. Part II, This is Not a Love Song, SEPIA, Measure of Bodies, and Imago-Trap.

• Six pieces won the Golden Mask: Les Noces, Maple Garden, Post-Engagement. Diptych. Part II, This is Not a Love Song, and Imago-Trap.

• Provincial Dances Theatre participated in the production of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring at the Bolshoi Theater. This was a landmark event where contemporary and classical dance troupes worked together for the first time in the history of the Bolshoi.

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